Workshop Vocals are hosted run by Robert Cross and Bethany Barber with guest speakers / presenters brought in for specific events.

Between them, Robert and Bethany have almost 50 years of performing experience as soloists and as performers in both small and large ensembles.

The idea of Workshop Vocals came from the fact that, within our regular weekly choir rehearsals, we often don’t get time to work on technique and to go into details about how we can create a better sound. With these workshops, we offer a relaxed and fun environment where people can work on these additional skills to help them get even more enjoyment from their singing. It’s ideally suited for someone who is singing regularly but it would also be appropriate for those who are just starting out and looking to get a stable footing and have some focus on technique.

During the day, there will be full group and smaller group work and the opportunity to also have a one-on-one session. Tea & Coffee will be made available during the lunchtime break and participants are encouraged to bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water with them.

Should you have any questions about the sessions, please email info@workshopvocals.co.uk